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Episode 12: Perspective

Viking poop and monster soup. Brother, that’s some spooky goop! This steam-powered, rocket-ride of an episode catapults the listener all the way from the River Thames Great Stink of 1858 to futuristic smart-glass outhouses in present day Tokyo. Grab yourself a glass of 2% and climb aboard!

Episode 11: Quarantine Blues

Hello everyone and welcome to Season 2 Episode 2, where our homebound hosts talk Quarantine Blues and Quarantine Poos. Highlights include a thought provoking discussion about when evening is, a deep dive into the psyche of the notorious Wisconsin Park Pooper, and a glance into Kurt Cobain’s formative years. Stick around until the end for a belated Christmas poem!


Episode 10: S2 – Let it Rip, Brother

Hello and welcome to Season 2: The Second Season. It’s time for you to pop in those ear buds, tie up your boots, and take a stroll in the crisp autumn air as you enjoy this exclusive first episode of PTITM’s first ever second season. Get caught up on Ben, Bryan, and Tye’s sorry lives and hear all about the poop news you may have missed! Our beautiful planet has once again provided an ample supply of all-natural absurdities to fill you in on including, but not limited to: a poop museum in Japan, a knife made of frozen feces, and a poopnado. As a bonus, Bryan shares a very moody poem and walks the class through a gastrointestinally focused yoga sequence.

Episode 9: Scent

Has the mystery of scent been glooping-up your glob hole? Do you find yourself wondering why we smell the smells we smell? If so, you’re just like us! We hope this scent-centric episode provides you with the information you need to move on with your life, free of uncertainty and doubt.

Episode 8: The Heart of Everything

In a world of such boundless diversity, what is the one thing all people have in common? What is the one thing that can provide common ground in a divided nation? What is commonly flushed down toilets but sometimes can’t be because it’s gotten too big? The answer to all of these questions of course is, poop. But what is poop exactly? We’re not sure, but we intend to find out.

Episode 7: The Lake House Edition

It’s Pooptalk in the wild! Out at the lake with no internet service or library to be found, the gang casts aside their normally rigorous scientific investigations and flies by the seat of their swimmies. Using nothing but anecdotal evidence, intuition, and the power of observation, our hosts bravely explain how to help rescue-kittens poo, why cats bury their poo (spoiler alert, it’s because they’re afraid of amphibians), how to burst a bloated cow, and much more.

Episode 6: In the Evening?

Pour out that coffee and grab the wine! In the very first evening edition of Poop Talk in the Morning our three favorite chums explore how the world’s excrement makes its way from lavish lavatories to the ocean, and all things in between.

Episode 4: Animals 2

Welcome to part 2 of the first ever Pooptalk double feature! After countless requests from our listeners the gang is BACK with more animal talk. In this sultry sequel, our hosts discuss Blue-Apron bear plugs, lemur beans, statement poops, and how to pick up after your dog if you’re blind. Stop what you’re doing and have a listen! Unless it’s important then just listen later.

Episode 3: Animals

Seemingly emboldened by the inclusion of Episodes 1 and 2 on Oprah Winsley’s “Top New Listens for 2018” list, the gang really goes for it in Episode 3.  Following a brief update on the Email inquiry overload situation, Ben, Bryan and Tye cover all of the hottest issues in the animal feces arena and more. What is skat? How does it relate to jazz? How do snakes work? Can you help them if they aren’t regular? Dung Beetles! What are those guys even doing? Can poop melt? Through the thorough analysis and speculation of each of these topics, our hosts stumble upon a number of findings that educate and reveal to the listener the amazing interconnectedness of the animal kingdom and the sanctity of all living things.